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An excellent alternative to Locs, when you are trying to decide whats next or on a break from your big Fro.

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When you need the life luster and shine restored to your Loc in a private confidential professional setting,

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The Finish!!!.

A picture of confidence. "It's all you !!!.

A Computerized Steam Treatment, a cut to clean up well over due dead ends, painted on color, a post Steam Treatment, then Steam Flat Ironed Finnish and a ten minites under the dryer Dry Wrap !!!.

The Steam is the Difference!!!.

This process was invented by Jerry L Rogers, who holds three certifications in the profession.

I came to the hair salon industry after serving in the U S Marines Corps, completing my studies at Antioch College in Psychology and Social Work, working as a Community Organizer, A Community Youth Leader Ship Worker, a Health Care Administrator and a Boys Group Home 

Director for Boys Town Homes of Maryland.

                                 Finger Tips Salon

I got an unusual advanced starting in the industry, I had the good fortune  of training along side the chemist who developed the salon's in house product Line. 

Since I had never given a thought to being a hair stylist I was never  expoeed to the misinfomation (myths) or the culture of Afro American hair care until later when I relocated back South to 

Virginia. Not being espoused to the myths like "you can only shampoo your hair every two weeks" allowed me the open mindedness to contemplate more pleasing to the eye, nose and personal hygiene considerations.


              The Steam Processor.


 In 1998 at a Hair Show in Raleigh, NC Takara Belmont introduce the Computerized Hair Steamer. It was this moment I realized this is a piece of equipment that can change the way hair care is administered for ever. The Computerized Steam Processor have lead me invent and create  several teachinques and hair processes only made possible with the Computerized Steam Processor.   

These results of the advances can be witnessed here on Jerrys Steam Salon web site.

The Steam processor facilites the application process of Condotioning,Treatments, Color, Perms, Relaxers, Color Corrections and Deep Cleaning.

The Computerized Steam Processor makes it possible for the natural hair Client without chemical to look and preform well above and beyond their own imagination.

To learn more about Professional Steam Processor click on the >Takara Belmont link below.<

             Steam Styling                                           

In 2010 contemlpating how my cotton Jeans press out better on the steam setting on my iron, i pondered if this might be possible with hair. i reconized the two unique charteristics hair and Cotton have are they are each fine fibers.

This realization led me to began exploreing how i could achieve the balance of adding steam to my styling process.


Steam; one treatment restores 100% of your hair’s health.

This is a before and after of a Steam conditioned treatment, Steam processed Color and Steam Pressed

Get Educatation beyond mythology about your hair and how you can have it with confidence.

This before and after model is all natural, we steam treated her hair to restore it’s moisture and health, we steam processed her color application, then steam styled and  dry wrapped her natural hair to this unbelievable finish shown.

Jerry Rogers; Inventor, of this system designed it for the results shown on this model‘s all natural texture.

STEAM and our JOJOBA OIL are the difference at Jerry’s Steam Salon.

Just one steam hydration treatment and this is you, or your money back, Guaranteed!q

This Salon is for Guest who think and believe beyond the limitations of traditional "Beauty Shops".

            Please Note!!!     

 If you believe one cannot Shampoo more than once every two weeks (26 times a year) or if you are an individual looking for high quality advanced professional hair care at name your own prices or at 19th Century budget price, respectfully this Salon might  not be a good fit for you.

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A Salon ALL about HEALTH, Healthy Food, Healthy Body and Healthy HAIR.

If you are wondering what the food dishes are about, that is the health  I am most Passionate about, however I believe they are inseprateable, fortunately with study, effort and faith, I am blessed, "all praises due." 


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JoJoba Oil, the First cosmetic in North America.

Jojoba Oil molecules have the identical molecular structure as the molecules in sebum, the oily secretion created by the sadaceous glands to nourish the hair shaft. The benefits of JoJoba Oil is way too numerous to list here. see; www.jojoba oil in cosmetics.com.

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