JERRY'S STEAM SALON is a hair salon with the most advanced Hair Steaming equipment in the industry. The salon, set in a private suite, is designed to deliver a relaxing environment  the best salon experience. 

No matter the question the answer is "YHSS" Oil

Client Reviews

The Steam Is The Difference!

Mrs. Davis
June 3, 2019
Hey Mr. Jerry! I just wanted to let you know that I’m really satisfied with my hair I really do see the difference that steam thing is the best. Also I really enjoyed my day with you I felt pampered and learned some politics some hair and food tips etc. Thanks again and see you soon. #realprofessional👏🏼

Mrs. E Washington
July 5 2019
Hi Mr. Jerry. I just want to thank you again for taking the time with me the other day. I mixed a concoction of the products you sold me and found something to work for me. I've gotten several compliments on my hair today.😊✌❤

May 16. 2019
Good evening, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and want to thank you for taking the time to take care of my hair.

Thank you, I cannot spell s_ccess without “U”
Jerry L Rogers, CEO 

About Us


Located in the beautiful Peninsula Town Center near historic Hampton Coliseum, this is a hair care salon that does not buy into the myth that you should only shampoo your hair every two weeks or 26 times a year. Shampooing your hair and what you have to do to your hair after you shampoo; those are separate topics and not interchangeable. We do not buy into the rituals or outdated beliefs passed down from the 1900s. We replace those myths about ethnic hair with scientific facts.


The Steam is The Difference.

This scene plays out routinely at Jerry's Steam Salon for our natural hair clients. 95% of our clients have transitioned while less than 5% of them have chemically straightened hair. If natural hair is your goal, this salon is a great place to start. Jerry's Steam Salon, is a professional salon catering to the professional community. We work by appointment and take you when you arrive. We provide a quiet and private environment where the care of your hair is always the main focus. If this is an experience you would like, call or text (757) 567-3474. If your hair is not becoming to you, maybe you should be coming to us.


Flowing, Breathing, And Dancing Wigs.

I want to be very clear. I did not design MR. JERRY'S DESIGNER WIGS because I think they are an alternative to necessary and healthy hair care and maintenance; however, I find the reason most individuals need a wig is that those requirements were not met initially.

I understand some individuals feel their schedules do not allow them time to maintain their hair correctly. However, education is the key.

Coming from a background in psychology and counseling, I find that individuals without the NEED for faux hair usually have superior confidence and security over others who do not have those attributes.

I am offering MR. JERRY'S DESIGNER WIGS because I am frustrated with the look of traditional human hair wigs. I find traditionally manufactured human hair wigs to be as obvious as a house without doors. My wigs are precisely designed to eliminate the possibility of that right-out-of-a-box or straight-off-the-mannequin look. There is a 99.9% chance that no one would be able to look at a MR. JERRY'S DESIGNER WIG on you and tell the difference from your own hair.

MR. JERRY'S DESIGNER WIGS have your back.

New wig colors available by special order.
Call or Text: (757) 567-3474

New wig colors available by special order. Call or Text: (757) 567-3474

This Salon is Virgin Hair Friendly

Before / After

This model wanted a new look, and we decided on a steam processed color lift and a dry wrap on her virgin hair. In the era of computerized steamers, it thankfully changes the traditional unfavorable side effects of adding chemical color to virgin hair. The steam application is the difference. When color or any chemical is added to the hair, the necessary maintenance products must be adjusted to achieve a hassle-free color or chemical service experience.

A picture of confidence and "it's all you!

Before Steam Treatment


When you need the life, luster, and shine restored to your locs in a private and professional setting.

After Steam Treatment


Computerized steam treatment and a steam flat iron finish. 

The Application of Steam is the Difference!!!

Invented by licensed cosmetologist, cosmetology instructor, and barber Jerry L. Rogers

I had an unusual start in the industry. I had the good fortune of training alongside the chemist who developed the salon's in-house product line. Since I had never given a thought to becoming a hair stylist, I was never exposed to the myths/ misinformation or the culture of African American haircare until later when I relocated back south to Virginia. Not being exposed to the myths like "you can only shampoo your hair every two weeks" provided me with the open-mindedness to contemplate personal hygiene considerations that were more pleasing to the nose and eyes.

The Steam Processor


In 1998, at a hair show in Raleigh, NC, Takara Belmont introduced the Computerized Hair Steamer. It was at this moment I realized this was a piece of equipment that could change the way haircare would be administered forever. This equipment has lead me invent and create several techniques and hair processes only made possible with the Computerized Steam Processor. The results of these advances can be witnessed here on the Jerry's Steam Salon website.

The Computerized Steam Processor facilitates the application process of Conditioning Treatments, Color, Perms, Relaxers, Color Corrections, and Deep Cleaning. The Steam Processor makes it possible, without chemicals, for the natural hair client to look and perform well above and beyond their own imagination. To learn more about the Professional Steam Processor click on Takara Belmont.

Steam Styling


In 2010, contemplating how my cotton denim jeans pressed better using the steam setting on my iron, I pondered if this might be possible with hair. I recognized that both cotton and hair share the characteristic of being fine fibers. This realization led me to begin exploring how I could achieve the balance of adding steam to my styling process.

Don't like the look back at you from the mirror, Change it, in a private personalized Suite, (757) 567-3474.

Healthy, Moisturized Hair Starts Here

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Hair Care For Your Lifestyle and DNA.

Jerry's Steam Salon is staffed with personnel who possess decades of experience with hair health, hair retention, and scientific knowledge of the various causes and prevention of alopecia. We provide you with the education and "how-to's" for a great head of hair. Our computerized application of steam restores your hair to its maximum health with the first application, guaranteed. 

If you need special appointment arrangements or have disabilities limiting you, we can help. Please contact us at:

Jerry's Steam Salon

1421 Merchant Lane, Suite 134, Hampton, Virginia 23666

(757) 567-3474


Whatever the Question, the Answer is YHSS Oil.

Jerry's Specially Formulated Young Hair, Scalp, and Skin Oil.



  • Jerry's YHSS Oil is the one product you do not want to be without, no matter the season. YHSS Oil nourishes your hair, scalp, and skin 24/7 with the identical molecule structure agents as sebum, the oily secretion from your skin's sebacous glands. 

Apply YHSS Oil to your hair and scalp during each phase of care because the rewards are amazing.



  • With the fingertips carefully work YHSS Oil in and on the hair and scalp. Once applied, it remains there working for you by protecting, feeding, and magnifying the energy of the sebaceous glands.

Young Hair, Scalp, and Skin Oil on my Dry Wrap delivers an enviable shine, body, and softness.



  • The Dry Wrap is a styling technique created by Jerry L. Rogers, for styling  hair void of chemicals and getting superior results. It requires only 10 minutes under the dryer. Model Monique, enjoys her hair in its natural coils or the Dry Wrap. Whatever her style, YHSS Oil, when applied to the hair, scalp, or skin is the critical component to getting the best results possible.

YHSS Oil and Steam Treatment.



  • This client is looking to improve the health of her hair and get it to a more manageable place. This is what I do routinely for my clients. Clients get off track with their haircare for whatever reason, and with one visit, their hair is renewed. For more than three decades, my YHSS Oil have been delivering these results.

YHSS Oil Steam Treatment/Steam Style.



  • Jerry's YHSS Oil gave her hair a silky feel with amazing shine.
  • When pictures speak, they express feelings. What would you like your picture to say?

YHSS Oil keeps hair and scalp young and vibrant and your skin wrinkle-free.


  • Founder and formulator Jerry L. Rogers has been it's number one consumer for more than three decades. He displays the evidence of using YHSS Oil daily. He is more than two decades past 50 with a full head of hair and wrinkle-free skin. His answer is YHSS Oil.


If you think your hair is beyond help, come to us. Call (757) 567-4374

This before and after model is all natural. We steam treated her hair to restore it’s moisture and health, we steam processed her color application, then steam styled and dry wrapped her natural hair. Jerry L. Rogers; inventor of this system, designed it for exactly the results shown here on this model‘s all natural texture.

STEAM and our JOJOBA OIL make the difference at Jerry’s Steam Salon. Just one steam hydration treatment and this can be you or your money back, guaranteed.

For Personalized Service, Call or Text (757) 567-3474.

This salon is for clients who think beyond the limitations of traditional "beauty shops."

Bring me your hair problems. I have the tools, skills, and experience to correct your hair problems. Just one computerized steam treatment restores 100% of your hair's health immediately guaranteed or your money back. My steam processed color and professional maintenance product line keeps your color sharp and vibrant from one color to the next. 

Whatever The Question, The Answer Is YHSS Oil.

YHSS Oil molecules have the identical molecular structure as the molecules in sebum, the oily secretion created by the sebaceous glands to nourish the hair shaft. The benefits of YHSS Oil is beyond your imagination.


Try my Young Hair, Scalp, and Skin Oil (YHSS), it is formulated to guarantee you glowing skin, scalp, and a healthy head of hair decades beyond age 50.

My YHSS Oil is available in a 4oz/118 ml. bottle. The treatment dispenser cap delivers the perfect amount to prevent waste. Only a small amount is needed to provide the health value required to keep your hair, scalp, and skin youthful and glowing.

Price is $15.98 + applicable tax.  Local shipping is $5.00. Will be shipped on the next working business day. 

Call (757) 567-3474.

Return Policy: Return product to seller at the original shipping address within 14 business days of initial ship date.

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